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In August 2021, I was fortunate enough to receive an Akashic Record Reading from Beatrice. My reading was to be virtual, via Zoom. As we started, Beatrice explained exactly what she was going to do and how our session would flow and then we got right down to it. I was able to ask quite a few questions and got very detailed answers!  I was really impressed with the detail she was getting on past lives and my current life! I knew her data was accurate because she touched on many things I had gotten from other psychic mediums/channelers whom I consider “the best” in the field.  I also learned a lot of new information that I had never received before. I totally understand my fear of heights now! I also discovered what I came into this lifetime to learn. Invaluable!

Beatrice’s information was also very accurate when it came to my childhood and my relationship with my mother.  Not only did she give me specific details but she also offered suggestions on how I could heal and release energies that are no longer serving me.  

I would highly recommend Beatrice to anyone who looking for real answers and real ways to address issues in your current life. Her reading gave me a great deal of clarity and understanding of things I’m currently struggling with and also a great deal of hope for the future! If you’re at all curious about what’s going on in your current life or how past lives are affecting you, book a reading with Beatrice! You won’t be disappointed! Beatrice is the real deal! 

Martie P, Upton, MA

I recently received an Akashic Record reading from Beatrice. The experience was spot on and deeply resonated with me. During the reading I was offered healing, it was an intense feeling. I experienced a warming sensation and a beautiful calm as a beautiful golden glittery goo washed over me, healing and removing what was no longer necessary. I felt lighter, as though a weight had been removed. I am grateful for the services I received and highly recommend energy work with Beatrice.

Alyson H, Attleboro, MA

This was my first time having an Akashic Reading.  All I can say is wow! I didn’t have a clear understanding of what it was about in the beginning but after we were done I was left in complete awe.  Beatrice opened my Akashic Records and went to work answering and giving clarification to the many questions I had.  She was completely on point.  I look forward to working with Beatrice again in the future.

Kim S, Atlanta, GA

My Akashic record reading with Beatrice was amazing. She answered all of my questions with heartfelt knowing and thoughtfulness. I felt the session was very thorough and complete. I started exploring and integrating the information she shared with me immediately. Once I have had some time to digest it all, I will be back for another session. I can not thank her enough for this exciting experience. 

Sheri K, Annapolis, MD 

It was such a great experience with Beatrice on reading my Akashic Record. It was my first Akashic Reading and it went extremely well. Beatrice is so gifted that the messages she brought forward were exactly what I am looking for. Her clairvoyance, clairaudience, and her communication with her Spirit Guides are clear, accurate, loving, and positive. I would highly recommend her services.

Lilly W, Vancouver, B.C., Canada 

Besides a gifted intuitive, Beatrice is a warm person who is very easy to talk to. I left our akashic records reading with the clarity I needed to feel at peace and move forward confidently with the changes I was making in my life at the time.

Megan S, Severna Park, MD

I had a wonderful experience with Beatrice and my Akashic record reading. Very professional and on point. She answered several questions for me and gave me the guidance and direction I needed.

Kay G, Fuquay Varina, NC

I was amazed at the insights and awareness that came to Beatrice regarding each of the topics I asked about. And when I didn't have any more questions she offered to look at my "talents and gifts". That was the most profound part of the reading! It was clarity into my soul's purpose, refining and
conscious awareness to what I knew about myself but which was not fully integrated. It resonated so strongly it brought me to tears.

I took
 lots of notes and have referred to them over the past few days since the reading. I would recommend this healing service to anyone searching for answers in any area of life or refinement of specific needs or goals in your life. Thank you with all of my heart Beatrice!

Rachel M, Annapolis, MD

I felt held by Beatrice's warm, grounded energy. My reading was so helpful. It validated some of my own intuitive sense of things and also added insights into new fruitful directions of my life.

Jodie S, Petaluma, CA 


What a great experience, Beatrice was able to make me feel really comfortable and supported while giving me intuitive answers to some really pressing questions! I would recommend this to anyone.

Leah L, Newburyport, MA

This was my first Akashic Records Reading and I was not sure what to expect. I have had psychic readings in the past, but this was a bit different as it focused more on my soul path. The information Beatrice channeled was very informative and clarified what my soul purpose is and which of my interests I can develop more on to align with my soul path. Definitely recommend!

Devlin O, Arlington, MA

I heard about Beatrice from an amazing person. I had never heard of Akashic Records before and I figured why not check it out? 

I can honestly say it was one of the most awesome choices I've ever made. I felt so comfortable and safe. I was able to open up. If you want to understand yourself and your abilities definitely take a step into the Akashic Records world with an absolutely fabulous guide. Beatrice!! 

Heather P, Black Mountain, NC

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