Akashic Records
Soul Readings and Healings

Akashic Records Soul Readings and Healings are a dialogue with your soul. It's an opportunity to ask your Soul the questions you've always yearned to know. The experience of being in your Soul's records is healing in and of itself and we can also do intentional energy work and energy healing within your records to meet your individual needs and desires at the time. This is an excellent opportunity to ask big questions like, What is my Soul Purpose? What are my Soul's gifts, strengths, and talents? How does my career path fit into my Soul Purpose? 

We can also look at and modify or complete any Soul Contracts, strengths/talents from Past Lives, residual energy from Past Lives that isn't serving you, and so much more. 

Your soul will never tell you what to do, you have free will. But your soul will help give you information and context to make your own decisions with that free will. Your soul will also not tell you the future, as the future is malleable, constantly changing, and dictated by your free will and the free will of others. But your soul will look at likelihoods about future possibilities based upon the current energy, discuss what you can do to increase or decrease these likelihoods, and share context about the situation and energy that helps you feel more confident about the future and next steps to take to get where you want to be. 

Session Details & Policies
Please reserve 75 minutes for your session. 45-60 minutes of the session time will be the actual reading. All clients have the opportunity to utilize all 60 minutes of their reading, some feel complete before then.

All readings are Remote on Zoom.

Price Per Reading $155

Spiritual Coaching

In a spiritual coaching session, I hold space for you to have your own revelations and I support and guide you through this journey. These sessions are especially helpful to those that have no spiritual support system. I do not therapize, diagnose, cure, treat, heal, or teach but I instead help guide you through your own revelations and journey. You lead the session and are responsible for your progress. Spiritual Coaching can help you see things in a new light, move through revelations more quickly, and get unstuck. 

All sessions are 60 minutes 

All Coaching Sessions are Remote on Zoom

Price per session $136


Coming Soon! 

If there are any specific classes you'd like to see please send me an email and let me know. If I receive multiple requests for the same type of class I will strongly consider offering it. 

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