• Beatrice Kalimar

Why Crystallized Energy Removal Is So Important

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Crystallized Energies are intrusions in the Energy Field from your current lifetime, past lifetimes, and parallel lifetimes. They come from moments that someone else has hurt you whether that was physically hurting you, including killing you, or one of the many other ways that people can hurt you. These leave a lasting imprint in the energy field that we carry with us from lifetime to lifetime until we remove them. Once removed, they will never return and we are free from them forever in all lifetimes. Older souls who have lived many lives will always have more crystallized energies because they have had more experiences and with each lifetime comes crystallized energies. These crystallized energies can cause immense pain and physical discomfort when they are "activated" by our soul's memory being triggered by an experience, even an everyday experience like playing a sport as a child. Many of the aches and pains that we associate with normal aging of the physical body are actually crystallized energies being activated over time. The more experiences you have in your life as you age, the more of your crystallized energies become activated and activated crystallized energies almost always cause some physical discomfort even if it's not present at all times. You'd be surprised how even the most mundane of experiences activate your crystallized energies and will over time activate a plethora of them in your body. Whether they are activated or not, it is very important to remove these from the Energy Field so they cannot afflict you anymore. Just like healing energetic unwanted patterns and wounding from our energy field, crystallized energy removal is done in layers. A crystallized energy will never return once it is removed. If you feel like crystallized energies have returned after you have them removed, this another layer of them rising to the surface asking to be removed. Depending on how many past lives you have had and what your experiences have been like in these lives you may have a few crystallized energies or many of them. Both experiences are totally normal. Fortunately, we live in a time now where not nearly as many people are killed for sport, persecution, or are physically tortured compared to the not-so-distant past. But unfortunately, these things still do happen. And these were very common occurrences not so long ago. Experiences like these always leave crystallized energies in our energy field that can hurt us in many ways and go far beyond physical pain. We can also pick up crystallized energies from emotional pain, suffering, someone's desire to hurt us, words used as weapons, black magic, and more. We can and do pick up crystallized energies in this lifetime as well. Crystallized energies can inhibit the flow of chi (energy) in our energy field and this can inhibit a connection to spirit, inhibit the proper flow of energy to chakras, and inhibit the flow of energy in your energy field overall. Crystallized Energies are often present when there is a pain, unpleasant sensation, or reoccurring issue that cannot be explained by Western Medicine. They can make themselves known to us in a myriad ways included but not limited to an inability to speak clearly or loudly, sudden intense physical pain for no explicable reason, a "block" that cannot be cleared despite copious energy work, and unexplainable issues with specific chakras. Crystallized energies can be in the chakras themselves as well as anywhere in the Energy Field, which means they may exist in your energy field in the same spot as your physical body does or in your energy field beyond where it overlaps with your physical body. Even modern surgery leaves behind Crystallized Energies because our energy field does not recognize that the surgical tools being used are not weapons. It is always a good idea to have crystallized energies removed after you have had a recent surgery so you do not carry these crystallized energies around with you from lifetime to lifetime. I say this not to defer anyone from getting surgery but only to inform you that it is a good idea to have crystallized energies from surgery removed (even dental work!). You would be surprised by how many crystallized energies you may have in your Energy Field! It is not uncommon to have "hot spots" where many crystallized energies are clustered together in one place in the energy field often sitting on top of one another. Hot spots generally consist of 10 or more crystallized energies all in one small spot but these hot spots can also be 100 or more crystallized energies in one small space. And these hot spots sometimes come in layers where each layer consists of a hot spot. Hot spots can be extraordinarily painful and cause what seems like totally unexpected, unexplainable sudden pain and discomfort. When I work with hot spots in the chakras, I always get visions of a sewing pin cushion. Imagine a small ball chock-full of dozens and dozens tiny needles. This is an excellent example of what a hot spot looks like in the energy field. It is common to see crystallized energies as weapons like swords, daggers, arrows, knives, and rocks etc. It also common to see cages, handcuffs, rope, nooses, and surgical tools (even pens used for surgery!). Verbal, emotional, and mental abuse, in addition, to physical abuse cause crystallized energies so it is not uncommon to see crystallized energies that clearly correlate to abuse you have experienced. As you can imagine, it is always in our best interest to remove these from our Energy Field and free ourselves of this trauma that we have carried around from lifetime to lifetime.

If you were persecuted for your spiritual gifts in another lifetime you may have crystallized energies that were intentionally inserted into your energy field to inhibit your connection to Spirit. If you were persecuted for the color of your skin or religion in another lifetime, you may have crystallized energies in your energy field from this persecution, torture, and your death. Crystallized energies come from a myriad of places including all types of Racism, even micro-aggressions, and can manifest as not being able to speak your truth or come into your full power. It is important to note that when a hot spot of crystallized energies or even any crystallized energies are making themselves loudly known through pain, discomfort, and lack of mobility to treat your body extraordinarily gently. These are times when your body is much more physically susceptible to getting hurt than usual and you should treat these areas with extra care and gentleness. This may mean taking a break from your usual routine and spending time off your feet. It is worth it. If you push through the pain and discomfort, you may end up in the hospital or needing surgery. I have seen this happen! Your body is communicating with you, listen to it! Just because a crystallized energy is a metaphysical cause does not mean it doesn't have a huge affect on your physical health. Always wait until the pain, discomfort, and lack of mobility has passed to resume normal activity. And always consult a Western Medicine Doctor if you're unclear on whether or not your symptoms are caused by Crystallized Energies or something else. There are so many different ways that you can pick up crystallized energies in this lifetime and other lifetimes, none of which are positive. Ancestral trauma and wounding can even create crystallized energies in the energy field as well. These crystallized energies hold us back by holding onto that trauma and traumatic event in your energy field. Crystallized energy removal can be immensely empowering, allowing you to liberate yourself from this trauma once and for all.