• Beatrice Kalimar

Metaphysical Pain and Sensations

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

I am not a Western Medicine Doctor. Metaphysical work is never an acceptable substitute for Western Medicine. Metaphysical work is meant to be used in conjunction with Western Medicine and for metaphysical issues that Western Medicine cannot help, explain, or treat.

Metaphysical pain can be a tricky subject that many avoid writing or talking about for fear that they will say the wrong thing and accidentally negatively influence someone to not seek Western Medicine when needed. For this reason, I will often reiterate that one should always be in consult with a Western Medicine Doctor to ensure that what may be a metaphysical issue has not manifested onto the physical plane. While I may sound like a broken record, repeating this over and over, I'm doing so because it's the responsible thing to remind people to do. For someone who is new to metaphysical pain it can be difficult to determine the difference between physical pain and metaphysical pain but over time it will become easier. And one should never get too confident that they always know when metaphysical pain has no correlation to physical issues in the body. This can lead to trouble. When experiencing pain and issues with your physical body it is important to always seek out the counsel of a Western Medicine Doctor first and foremost to see if it has a physical or medical cause. If a Western Medicine Doctor cannot determine any reason why you experiencing such symptoms, depending on the seriousness of the situation, you may want to seek a second opinion in the Western Medicine field. If Western Medicine cannot explain your symptoms, it is often time to turn to the Metaphysical explanations. And metaphysical work can always be used in conjunction with Western Medicine to treat physical issues of any cause. There is never a downside or danger to treating a physical issue in the body with both Western Medicine and Metaphysical Healing. This will always help facilitate healing. Louise Hay is one of the most prominent voices on Metaphysical pain and discomfort. In her book, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay she outlines a chart of symptoms and their metaphysical or spiritual cause. A quick google search for "Louise Hay metaphysical pain" or "Louise Hay spiritual pain" will pull up this list online. Many different websites have this information posted. You can also find other websites and blogs that discuss metaphysical pain but depending on the author they may or may not be reliable or helpful. Louise Hay's work is a good place to start. If you look up your symptoms on this chart and they resonate with something that may be going on your life, whether that is immediately obvious or given some reflection, this is a strong indication that what you are experiencing is a metaphysical pain/sensation OR is a metaphysical cause that is manifesting in both the metaphysical and physical body. If you are concerned and cannot determine which it is, consult a Western Medicine Doctor to be sure. It is very important to remember that metaphysical pain, sensations, and issues while originating from metaphysical causes can evolve into physical issues that need to be cared for by Western Medicine. It is not uncommon for long term heart chakra issues to manifest later in life as a heart attack. It is important to remember that metaphysical issues and causes if left untreated for long enough, can, and do manifest on the physical plane and that can escalate into a need to be addressed by Western Medicine on the physical level, as well as, metaphysical healing. That is why it is so important to seek out the counsel of a Western Medicine Doctor before assuming what you are experiencing is just metaphysical pain. Just because you can feel these sensations in your physical body does not mean they have escalated to the point of a physical emergency, it could just be a way that your body is communicating with you but it could also be a physical emergency and it is important that you take the steps to determine which of these it is for your own health, the care of your physical body, and the longevity of your life. This is a very delicate subject, that should addressed very carefully.

A few examples of metaphysical pain that can be fairly easy to determine on your own are canker sores or knee pain that seems to come out of nowhere without any physical cause or situation that would have damaged or affected your knee and no history of any physical issues that would affect your knees. If you always seem to get lower back pain or neck pain when a stressful situation arrises in your life, these can be cues that the pain you are experiencing is metaphysical pain. When you look up the particular symptoms you are experiencing and find that the metaphysical causes resonate with your current life situation, it's time to take action. Remember to give yourself time to ponder the metaphysical causes if they don't resonate at first because sometimes we can be in denial about situations or emotions we are experiencing in our lives. For example, one of the metaphysical causes for knee pain can be an unwillingness to be more flexible and open up our minds and perception. It is not always easy to recognize that we are exhibiting these traits in our lives and it may require more reflection for you to realize that this is applicable to your current situation. Once you've given some time for reflection if the causes from Louise Hay's work do not resonate, then it is time to go deeper and look at alternative sources to see if anyone else has experienced what you are experiencing. If this search is fruitless, it may be time to consult a Western Medicine Doctor if you have not already done so to rule out any potential physical issues. If Western Medicine and online research into the specific type of metaphysical pain and sensations you are experiencing does not answer your query, turn to your guides. Your guides will always have the answer to these questions. You can of course turn to your guides much earlier in the process for guidance if you have a strong connection to them. If you do not have a direct connection to your guides you can seek out the counsel of a trusted spirit worker to confer with their guides (who will confer with your guides). It is very important if you do so to find a trusted professional spirit worker, not everyone with the title, unfortunately, is a reliable source. Just as in any profession, there is a wide range of professionals and their trustworthiness.

Metaphysical pain and sensations can be caused by crystallized energies but it can also be a way our bodies (physical and energetic) are attempting to communicate with us about something they would like us to resolve. If you have knee pain for no explainable physical reason and realize that you are in fact being stubborn and rigid in the way you are thinking or feeling about a situation (one of the metaphysical causes of knee pain) then determine how you can address this now that you know what is causing it. Is it about a specific situation or person? Now that you aware of what is causing it you may find that just the simple revelation and awareness that you are operating that way can alleviate the situation on its own. But it is not uncommon to find that you need to take action steps in order to resolve the situation. If it is metaphysical pain caused by being rigid and you take the steps to alleviate the cause given time it will always alleviate the sensation. If it has not alleviated, ask yourself if you have really made the changes that you think you have or if you have gone deep enough. If you really have made these shifts and the pain or sensations are still present after a month you may be dealing with crystallized energies, a curse, or a physical issue that requires the help of Western Medicine. Always a consult a Western Medicine Doctor if you are in doubt for your own safety. If crystallized energies are manifesting in this way it is almost always a hot spot of crystallized energies, not just one, but many crystallized energies in one spot. When we are experiencing Metaphysical Pain and Sensations whether it is our bodies communicating with us something they would like us to resolve, a curse affecting your health, or it is a crystallized energies hot spot it is important to be very careful with that part of your body because it is more susceptible to physical harm than usual while this is happening. I have seen this come up again and again, when a part of our physical body is in distress, even for metaphysical reasons, it is much more susceptible to physical harm. If you are experiencing severe knee pain that you know to be metaphysical pain, please treat your knee with tender loving care until the issue has resolved itself. It can take time for the changes we make in our lives to register in our physical body. If you are experiencing metaphysical knee pain, do not assume because it is a metaphysical cause you can treat your knee as your normally do. This can and will result in a physical accident that causes physical damage to your knee. Listen to your body! If an area of your body is in pain and discomfort, regardless of the cause, treat it as you would if it was a physical injury. Don't put very much weight on your knee, ice it, and stay off it as much as possible. If you practice yoga, dance, martial arts etc. you may need to take a break until it resolves or drastically change your routine so that is very, very, very gentle on your knee and does not require a lot of bending or weight on your knee. Which honestly for some of you is going to feel like you've suddenly aged forty years and you're hobbling around your house, if this is the case please, please, please be careful and treat your knee like it has aged forty years! This can be extraordinarily frustrating but I promise you it is well worth it. I have seen those experiencing metaphysical pain push past it because they didn't listen to their bodies and they ended up causing very serious physical damage that required surgery. Always, always, always listen to your body. If you are experiencing metaphysical pain and you take the steps to bring the changes into your life, the pain and sensations will always alleviate themselves given time. Sometimes metaphysical pain is a combination of crystallized energy hot spots and messages your body is communicating with you about changes it wants you to make. If you have taken all the steps to alleviate the situation, reflected on whether or not you have actually made those shifts, and given it time and it's still manifesting as what you know to be metaphysical pain (meaning you have ruled out a physical cause with Western Medicine) then it's time to look into crystallized energy removal. I have seen the crippling pain and physical issues that crystallized energy hot spots can cause when they decide to make themselves known and are crying out for your help to get them removed. Crystallized energy removal is immensely powerful and can entirely alleviate metaphysical pain when it is the source of it. Remember to always listen to your body and treat it with extraordinary care and gentleness when an issue arrives that is abnormal and unexplainable. Always consult a Western Medicine Doctor when you are not sure if what you are dealing with is metaphysical or physical and to determine if a metaphysical issue has escalated into a physical emergency. When we ignore long time emotional or metaphysical issues instead of addressing them and healing them, after enough time has passed they manifest in our physical bodies as disease. This is the cause of many illnesses including cancer and heart attacks. Once these issues have manifested in our physical bodies they need to addressed with Western Medicine as well Metaphysical Healing. One can, of course, choose to only use Western Medicine but it is advised to use Metaphysical Healing to address the root of the issue that was ignored for so long that it manifested as physical disease in the body. Many people have seen great success in treating illness when combining Western Medicine and Metaphysical Healing. Curses can also affect your metaphysical and physical health. The word Curse has been worked up in pop culture to have us imagining something theatrical out of a Disney movie. When in fact, curses are actually very common and the majority of the population is walking around with at least one of them. You can inherit an Ancestral Curse through your Ancestral Lineage, a curse that was put upon one of your Ancestors continues down the Ancestral Line until it is removed, affecting generation after generation. If you're adopted you may have inherited them from your family of origin (your adopted family) as well as your birth bloodline. You can also pick up a curse yourself. It is much easier than one would think to end up with a curse. Even one you picked up yourself! Curses can't be removed without going through a specific removal process, which is very easy to do. Don't fall for one of those curse removal scams where con-artists charge thousands of dollars to remove a curse that never existed in the first place! Curses, Ancestral or one put upon you specifically, can have very serious affects on your physical health. A curse that says something along the lines of "you'll feel the same heart break I felt" can actually cause very serious heart issues like heart attack. Curses are often dormant until you turn a certain age or have a specific life experience, then they can become activated. I share this not to scare anyone, but instead to illuminate a very powerful and simple method to help alleviate health issues that run in families and may be wreaking havoc on your life. While not all health issues that run in families are caused by Curses of course, many of them are. It is eery to see just how many unwanted patterns whether they be health related or not come from Curses. Someone does NOT need to be a witch, magic user, or spiritual person to put a curse on someone and someone can put a curse on you or your ancestor without actually realizing they are doing it. Words can be very powerful, so always be careful with them especially in times of great anger. Curse removal is extraordinarily powerful and simple, so when in doubt if a curse is affecting your physical health or another area of your life, always seek out the help of a trusted spirit worker skilled in Curse Removal. Remember, this should NEVER involve thousands of dollars and be an elaborate process. Curse removal is simple and easy. It is always best practice to remove a curse before it has been activated or as soon after as possible. Removing the curse will facilitate healing on all levels. Of course, if the curse is physical health related than be sure to consult with a Western Medicine Doctor throughout the process to make sure your physical body is well cared for. As you can tell the topic of Metaphysical Pain and Sensations is a very complicated subject and ripe with potential for huge positive change and catastrophe, if not handled carefully. Even if you detest Western Medicine, do yourself a favor and seek the consult of a Western Medicine Doctor anyway. You can never be too safe when it comes to your physical health. If you are experiencing Metaphysical Pain, Sensations, or Messages regarding your health you could be experiencing symptoms from any of these causes or a combination of them. Take the steps, get a Western Medicine Consult, and improve your overall health.