• Beatrice Kalimar

Part 2: Heavy Duty Energy Clearing Anyone Can Do at Home

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

5) Bath

The bath is an excellent way to access the clearing and healing properties of water at home if you have a bath tub. I always felt claustrophobic in the traditionally sized bath tubs that double as showers, so if that's you I understand! I finally have a larger bath tub now where I thankfully do not feel claustrophobic and can enjoy a longer, more luxurious bath. If you have the option to upgrade your bath tub and you don't take baths very often because you feel claustrophobic, then I highly recommend this option. This option isn't accessible to many though, so work with what you have! This could mean taking short baths and soaking in the goodness in short time spurts or bringing the power of the bath to the shower. A bath with just water is healing on its own but I recommend adding goodies to your bath like salt. Lots of salt! There are a variety of different kinds of salt you can add to your bath, I like to use many different kinds at once as this what my Guides have directed me to do. A quick note on Epsom Salt, almost all Epsom Salt is made in a lab even though it is a naturally occurring substance in nature. It was originally found in Epsom, England and is a naturally occurring substance but has only been found in very small quantities naturally so the natural process is reproduced in a lab to provide us with a plentiful amount of Epsom Salt. I see people all the time asking what Ocean a particular Epsom Salt comes from, don't be that person! Be informed! Epsom salt is not actually salt at all, it is magnesium sulfate and it's excellent for you. I subscribe to a totally all-natural lifestyle and I fully support the use of Epsom Salt despite being lab made. You can also work with a variety of real salts like Dead Sea Salt, Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt etc. I would not use table salt for a bath or shower due to all the chemicals added to table salt but you can definitely use salt from your pantry or the grocery store. The finer the salt the faster it will dissolve in the tub and the more of it will dissolve overall, so finer is in fact better for salt baths. In addition to putting salt in the bath water I recommend gently scrubbing with it in the bath just as you would in the shower. The benefit to scrubbing with Salt and/or Epsom Salt in the bath over the shower is that it's easier to really get it on yourself without it melting super quickly like it can in the shower, especially a small shower where you can't step out of the water easily.

When taking a clearing bath it's very important to get your head under the water as much as possible in order to clear your upper chakras. Depending on the size of your bath tub this may not be an option, if not try pouring some of the bath water over your head with a jug or a bowl. Or using clean salt water to do this if the bath water sounds unappealing to you. You can also use the jug or bowl method to take your bath to the shower if using the bath is all together not an option for you for whatever reason. There are various oils, herbs, and other goodies you can add to your bath for clearing but salt and epsom salt are my top recommendations. It's not always possible or realistic but you may want to take a quick shower and exfoliate and wash with soap in the shower before hopping in the bath, only because if you haven't bathed or exfoliated in awhile you don't want to be sitting in all of that in the bath. Some people think baths are gross for this reason, but they don't have to be if you take a quick shower first or you may not mind at all! It's always better to take a bath then to delay or put it off because you think you have to shower first. Do what works for you!

6) Donate/Trash

Are there items in your home that always make you think of someone you no longer speak to from your past? Items that bring back uncomfortable memories and make you feel icky? Well even though these are items in your home and they affect the energy of your home they also affect your personal field. It's time to get rid of these items! Obviously this doesn't apply to living creatures or maybe you can't get rid of an item like a couch etc. If that's the case, work with your own emotions and energy to clear what is bothering you about it and you can do some smoke or spray smudging to energetically the clear the item. If you can get rid of these items, you should as they are not serving you. You can always sell them but depending on the item and how quickly it will sell and how much you will make off it, this isn't always the best option. Often when we want to "sell" something it just sits around our house for 6+ months. Only pursue the selling option if it's worth it to you and if you can get it out of your house fairly quickly. Otherwise, consider donating the item or throwing it away/recycling it depending on what it is. If your house is full of these items and you free yourself of them, you will definitely feel a difference. Keeping items like these can keep energetic cords strong and give them more power, freeing ourselves of these items is incredibly liberating. If the items are paper or suitable for burning (no plastic please) you can also burn them in a safe place like an outdoor fire pit or a fire safe large cooking pot outside. Burning is an extraordinarily powerful method for clearing when used appropriately. Please always be safe and never leave burning items unattended. Many household items are coated in chemicals that will release into the air when you burn them so please be mindful of what you choose to burn and dispose of it another way if you suspect it is coated in chemicals. It's not just you that is affected by the burning of these chemicals, but the whole environment. Respect and care for Pachamama, always.

7) Limpia con Huevo

Limpia con Huevo is a powerful Curandero shamanic method for clearing. You can always see a Curandero to receive a Limpia but you can also do it at home yourself. While it will be different doing it at home yourself it is still a valuable practice and an easy way for you to do clearing on your energy field at home. Take an egg, ask the egg to take on heavy energy for you, pray over the egg (if you're comfortable with this), and rub the egg on your physical body especially in your chakra areas. If the egg cracks while you're in the process, grab another egg and keep going. You can keep going and use as many eggs as you would like or just stick to one (if it doesn't crack). Pay special attention to the back of your neck and any areas with aches or pains. When you feel are you complete crack the egg in a pint glass full of water and leave it there for about 30-60 minutes. After this time the egg will "take shape" in the water and depending on the shape it can mean different things. There are practitioners that offer limpia interpretations if you send them a picture of your egg in the glass but these are not necessary in order to use the practice. In fact, you can find many of these answers online and you don't actually need to know all of these answers. The important part is the egg took on the heavy energy for you and it's no longer inside you, that's what matters. Of course, this is a vast over-simplification of the work that Curanderos do with limpias con huevo but it makes the practice more accessible to everyone to do for themselves at home. And since eggs are so abundant and low cost, it really is an excellent option to do for yourself at home.

Once you have had a look at the egg and its shape, it's time to toss it! Don't get too hung up on the exact shape and researching it. You want to get that heavy energy out of your home. If you have a septic system, don't put it in down the kitchen drain or the toilet as it will then just sit in your septic system and the point is to get it out of the house. If you have a septic, I recommend draining as much of the water as you can and then throwing away the egg in the trash can or compost. If you have city plumbing, flushing down the toilet is a popular method, as is the kitchen sink. I actually think to make things easier on the water treatment center and Pachamama that it's probably best to go with the pour the water out and trash or compost method. Always choose an outdoor compost over an indoor one, as your goal is to get the heavy energy away from you. If composting on your property, ask Nature and the Spirits to compost the heavy energy out of your egg remnants so they get off your property as soon as possible.

You can of course, smudge the egg with smoke or spray before using it, buy fancy organic brown eggs, and do a limpia con huevo while naked with candles light in a ceremonial setting if you would like but don't do this if it's going to act as a barrier to practicing Limpias at home. These are great options, but the best option is the one that you will actually use and use the most. I find that the simplest option is usually the best because you're much, much more likely to use it and use it frequently. And that's what counts! It's a million times better to do a limpia everyday than it is to do a limpia with a fancy egg you smudged once a week or once a month. Do what works for you. Limpias are a wonderful practice for energy clearing but they are maintenance work just like everything on this list (and all energy clearing!). Doing a limpia once isn't going to change your life but doing one everyday or a few times a week might. It's a wonderful, easy, and accessible way to do regular energy clearing on your field at home and the more often you do it the more benefits you will receive from it. Just like any of these methods (except the Donate/Trash) you can set the intention to clear specific aspects and unwanted heavy energies with a limpia like a layer of your childhood trauma or pain from a bad relationship. Clearing these layers consistently, and anything big will come in layers, is a large part of deep healing work. Curanderos are very powerful healers with deep traditions and I don't share this to make light of their work by any means. I only share with you what my Guides have instructed me to share with many, that limpias at home are an amazing way for anyone to do powerful clearing on themselves.