• Beatrice Kalimar

Part 1: Heavy Duty Energy Clearing Anyone Can Do at Home

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

There are so many different ways that you can do heavy duty energy clearing on yourself at home. I'll share a few of the easiest and most accessible ways to do this work at home but please remember there are infinite ways to do this kind of work so go with what resonates for you. It's great to do these kind of general clearings on the regular but I also think it's important to set specific intentions for what you're clearing if you're going deeper. If you're comfortable with a method and know it works for you then you can go deeper by asking that a specific "pattern" or energy pertaining to something specific come up and that be the energy that you're clearing. This way you can go deeper into the unwanted aspects instead of just focusing on whatever heavy energy is on the surface. Surface clearing of our energy field is very, very important but it only clears what is on the surface and there is a lot of gunk that hides deep down in our chakras and throughout our energy field too. That's actually where all the old stuff or current stuff we "push down" goes and its very important to address it as well if you want to do serious healing work and make a dent in working on all that old stuff that you thought you "got over" but really just pushed down. Remember when clearing your energy field that your energy field extends past your physical body quite a bit so be sure to get it all.

1) Smudging with Smoke, Resin, and Incense

Smudging yourself with smoke from herbs and resins is an excellent way to clear your energy field. Obviously, this method isn't accessible to everyone due to different living situations and health situations but if this is an option for you I highly recommend pursuing it. Smudging gets a lot of attention in terms of space clearing but people tend to forget that its a powerful method for clearing your energy field as well. If using this for heavy duty clearing I suggest working with herbs, resins, and incenses that produce a decent amount of smoke. It's important that the space be well ventilated for this work, keep the door to the room open and open up at least one window if you can. Sit or stand in a comfortable position where you either move the smoke over your energy field, paying special attention to your major chakras, or move your body over the smoke which sits in a stationary position in its fire safe container.

Please, please, please do NOT buy an abalone shell for smudging. The abalone (a living creature) is nearly extinct due in large part to its shells popularity in smudging. You will see Abalone shells sold everywhere for smudging purposes, please do NOT support this crude and disrespectful practice. When purchasing herbs and resins for smudging be sure to only buy sustainably harvested pieces and explore the possibilities. Palo Santo and White Sage get a lot of attention as being the popular herbs and wood to smudge with but there are so many options out there that are less often discussed. If Palo Santo and White Sage do not strongly resonate with you on a deep level, please use alternatives as these are limited resources and their popularity is hurting Pachamama (Mother Earth). You can smudge with almost any herb or plant, many of which you may have in your garden. If harvesting yourself, make sure the herb is dried first. You can smudge with lavender, rose, rosemary, cedar, fir needles, pine needles, garden sage and so much more. Explore with what you like, what you're drawn to, and what resonates with you. I have found that the flowers of lavender and rose produced a strong "burning" smell when burned so you may want to experiment with a few different herbs and see what scent you like the best. Many herbs produce beautifully scented smoke, not just a burning smell! Remember that the healing smoke is the purpose of smudging so if burning herbs or incense make sure you blow out the flame once it's gotten going so you get the healing smoke and are not just burning through the herbs, resin, or palo santo. Resin is traditionally burned on charcoal as this is the best method for keeping it burning. Only pursue the charcoal option if you're up for adding a bit more complexity to the process. There are quick light charcoals but they are dowsed with chemicals and lighter fluid which you can often smell so this is not a very natural option and it may take away from the properties of the sacred resins. Incense is an excellent option for beginners and folks that have been smudging a long time, you can smudge with any incense but you can do research into the specific types that have the strongest clearing properties. Many of these incenses are made using resin so be sure you understand how the resin is harvested before purchasing. If exploring more popular herbs for smudging like Yerba Santa, Mugwort, or Sweetgrass please do your research and make sure you're not putting Pachamama at risk by looking for the "popular" herbs or what you perceive to be the trendy herbs. Smudging isn't about being trendy! I cannot stress this enough!!! When you use use herbs, shells, and any spiritual practice because it is trendy you are doing yourself a disservice and doing a disservice to Spirit. Don't engage in Spiritual Work because you perceive it to be trendy, it hurts us all. Some resin is extracted by tearing the tree apart and some resins are extracted while keeping the tree healthy and intact, make sure you know which you're buying so you don't contribute to deforestation for your smudging. If you do strongly resonate with White Sage and/or Palo Santo, please find more sustainable herbs that also resonate with you so you can use both and limit the impact of smudging with precious commodities. Never, ever harvest White Sage in the wild unless this is a practice taught to you by your Indigenous ancestors. It is highly disrespectful to harvest White Sage in the wild unless you belong to local Indigenous tribes that have worked with the White Sage plant as a local and sacred plant. You can however grow your own White Sage at home if your climate is suited to it. It is not disrespectful to grow White Sage yourself or to purchase it from sellers who grow it themselves for the purpose of selling it for Spiritual work. These sellers are doing wonderful work by growing it themselves, making it a sustainable crop, instead of wild harvesting. Always be sure your vendor whom you purchase it from is not wild harvesting their White Sage. If everyone harvested their White Sage from the Wild where it grows, we would no longer have Wild White Sage and it is so important that we preserve this plant in the wild. As always with smudging, please be very careful! Working with fire and smoke in ones home requires care. You can also take your smudging practice outside if this is easier and safer for you. 2) Smudging Sprays

Smudging sprays are a great alternative to smoke smudging if that's not an option for you due to smoke inhalation/sensitivity or your living situation. I have found that Smudging Sprays require quite a bit more use to get the same affect as smoke smudging, although I like to do both liberally! It's easy to find Smudging Sprays for sale pretty much anywhere. There are various different types and you can of course make your own. Many of the most readily accessible ones just use a compilation of different essential oils. As an herbalist, I prefer to use herbs rather than just essential oils and I prefer to make my own Smudging Sprays. If you have essential oils at home and would like to experiment with making your own, this is a great place to start. There are are also clearing sprays that use Flower Essences as the main ingredient or one of the ingredients and these are a great option as well. Most of the flower essence clearing sprays will have a lot of alcohol in them to keep the essence stable, so be mindful if this is the right choice for you. Alcohol is actually very common in clearing sprays and spiritual waters, such as Florida Water, so keep this in mind if you avoid alcohol in your daily life.

3) Fresh Air, Sunshine, and Nature

Getting outside and spending time in nature's fresh air and soaking up the sun is an extraordinarily effective way to do clearing on your energy field. If you've ever noticed that you felt amazing after spending a lot of time in nature (especially during a sunny Summer), this is a big part of the reason why. Spending time in nature is good for us in infinite ways and one of those ways is the extraordinary clearing properties nature provides us with. Sunshine is an excellent heavy energy clearer and so is fresh air moving on us when we take a walk. Don't underestimate the power that being out in Nature has on us. Even spending time in the fresh air and sunshine on your porch or in your yard has powerful affects. If hitting the hiking trails or the lake isn't an option for you, spend some time in your backyard or a public park. The best way is the most readily accessible option that you can do regularly. Taking a walk in the rain is also a powerful way to clear and operates in pretty much the same way as working with Running Water (see below). If you're up for a walk in the rain, it can be immensely grounding and clearing and help you reconnect with the elements and nature.

4) Running Water -Nature/Shower

Running Water is a very powerful heavy duty cleanser. Obviously running water in Nature is the ideal option since you get the powerful affects of natural waters, being in nature, fresh air, and hopefully some sunshine. While the ocean isn't strictly "running" water it is moving water and due to the high salt content the ocean is my number one natural body of water to clear in. But swimming in oceans, rivers, or lakes isn't always an option or a realistic everyday practice for most people. An excellent alternative that almost everyone has at home is the shower. Utilize the running water of the shower to your clearing advantage and set the intention every time you walk into the water that it gives you the heavy duty clearing that you need. It's important to set this intention every time you hop in the shower as this is much more powerful than attempting to set a blanket intention for all showers. One of the reasons that the phrase "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" exists is because the physically cleaner we are and the more often that we bathe, the cleaner our energy field is and that allows us to be more connected to Spirit. Running water is a part of that as is the physical cleaning of our bodies with soap, soap alternatives, and clearing helpers like salt. The dirt, gunk, and dead skin that all add up over time when we are not bathing regularly all inhibit our spiritual connection and contribute to heavy energy gunk in our energy fields. When we clear away this gunk it actually makes us feel better on every level, not just a spiritual level. These physical blocks of dead skin, dirt, and oil act as blockers clogging up our energetic body which in turn affects our emotional state and mental state. Clearing these away and keeping them cleared away by exfoliating and showering regularly will actually help us feel better overall in all our aspects of our lives, because the channels are clear. Scrubbing oneself with dry salt or epsom salt in the shower is an excellent way to add more energy clearing properties to your shower. You can also work with a salt scrub. Set the intention that the salt or salt scrub you use is for energy clearing purposes and set this intention each time you use it. I highly recommend quitting all SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) products including shampoo, conditioner, soap, and most household cleaners. SLS is a carcinogen (cancer-causing agent) that is in pretty much every commercial soap and body product, not only is it bad for our bodies but it's also incredibly toxic to Pachamama and all her animal creatures, those living in the ocean, as well as, land habitats. But don't despair there are plenty of natural shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and household cleaners out there that don't contain SLS! I highly recommend working with all-natural and SLS free clearing soaps, soaps made of different resins, herbs, and oils that offer clearing properties while you wash with them. And don't forget to exfoliate! It's incredibly easy to wash oneself with soap without actually exfoliating and that leaves all that dead skin on there (and a ton of the oil and dirt too!) which over time adds up and is just inhibiting your ability to get that "clean and connected to spirit" (and self!) desirable goal. The cleaner energetically and physically we are, the more grounded we are as well which is why showers are such a powerful method for not just clearing but grounding. You can never really get super grounded if you aren't cleared/clearing yourself, so a shower which clears you will help you ground too. Just a quick note on the term all-natural, it is actually an entirely subjective term. Which is so frustrating! If not infuriating, and it can get us in a lot of trouble when we assume that someone else's definition of all-natural is the same as our own. There are so many products out there from big companies and small artisan makers alike that refer to their products as all-natural, but given the ingredient list that title is laughable. The ingredient list is really the only tool you have to determine if these products meet your standards or not. If a vendor won't give you an ingredient list, avoid their products at all costs. And just because something is all-natural, does not actually mean it's good for you! Although, most all-natural ingredients from the Earth are very good for you but some things that naturally occur in nature are just not good for the human body and there's a lot of confusion around this. This is a huge subject and one that I have a lot to say about, so I'll save that for another day and another blog post.