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"Beatrice is a gifted Natural Healer. I have received many Energetic Healings in the past with mixed experiences which I tend to file in the okay, good or great category. After my incredible session with Beatrice, I filed her service in a new category which I refer to as the Diamond VIP treatment. You can feel the love that she pours into every intricate part of her healing process. Her process reflects the deep care she holds for her clients’ healing journey. Once you experience the Natural Healing Diamond VIP treatment with Beatrice, you’ll never forget it as you’ll quickly realize that she is a rare gifted Healer."

-Navè S.

"I’ve had multiple shamanic sessions with Beatrice and they’ve all been fantastic! Beatrice is THOROUGH and she always takes her time and gives her full attention. Her energy is uplifting and supportive and you can tell she is passionate about what she does. These sessions have helped me with some deep healing work that has been transformational to me. Highly recommend." 

-Kathryn B.

"I received an illumination healing session with Beatrice. She went above and beyond during the session to make sure I was comfortable and that my needs were addressed. At the beginning of my illumination session, she cleared earthbound spirits (ghosts) within my auric field, I HAD 11 of them! If it wasn't for her who knows how long I would have been walking around with those for! This particular session she assisted me with clearing out patterns of self-doubt and feeling lost. She is thorough with her work and makes sure to explain each step of the process. It is evident that she's compassionate and caring about her clients and she is well versed in her healing modalities. I feel such a great shift after the first session and look forward to booking another session!"   

-Kara M.

"What an awesome healing session with Beatrice!  As a shamanic practitioner myself, I am particular about whom I use for my personal healing sessions. Beatrice creates this wonderful sacred space where you feel complete love, non-judgment, and non-suffering.  That sacred space allows you to completely relax and release, which brings you to a place where shamanic healing can begin.  This was my third session with Beatrice and each session has been nothing short of amazing.  It is so important that your shamanic healer be knowledgeable about your healing journey.  Beatrice surpasses the mark.  I promise you will not be disappointed!"

-Kimberly S.

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