Shamanic Illumination

This session is a Shamanic Illumination, a method that clears unwanted patterns from the energy field in layers. Many patterns only exist in one layer and can be totally healed in one session. When we have an unwanted pattern or wounding that runs deep, then it must be addressed in layers just like peeling off layers of an onion. Even addressing one layer of a deep unwanted pattern can create huge shifts which can lead to healing the other layers of the pattern. These unwanted patterns can be "bad habits", heavy emotions, wounds from the past or present, or almost any unwanted feature in your life. This is an incredibly powerful method to release you from the negative patterns and unwanted aspects of your life and to replace them with positive, healthy wanted patterns in your life.

Sessions may include: Earthbound Spirit Removal, Cord Cutting, Crystallized Energy Removal, Healing Tears in the Energy Field, Ancestral Curse Removal and Curse Removal depending on the unique needs.

All Sessions include: Heavy Clearing of Unwanted patterns, Soul Retrieval, Power Animal Retrieval, and Brain Retraining. 


Price $125

Shamanic Crystallized Energy Removal

This session focuses on the removal of Crystallized Energies in your energy field and any heavy energies associated with those crystallized energies. If you would like to focus on a specific problem area please let me know or spirit can guide me to the areas that need the most attention. Crystallized energies can cause physical aches and pains in your body as well as interrupt the flow of chi (energy) in your body and can also inhibit your spiritual connection. Once these are removed from your field, you are free from them forever. 

This session is dedicated to the removal of Crystallized Energies and does not focus on other healing methods. This session is designed for those with many crystallized energies that would like to focus on removing as many as possible in a session.

Crystallized Energy Removal can help facilitate healing in the physical body after an injury or during a recovery process. It can also help heal chakras by removing many lifetimes worth of crystallized energies from major chakras that inhibit their ability to operate at their full capacity.

This versatile method can be utilized for many goals including Preventative, Energetic, and Recovery Healing.

Price $125

Shamanic Divination 

This specific session uses Shamanic Divination via Journeying. I will journey to my Guides to get guidance for you on a question, situation, dream, or topic that you wish to have answered by Spirit. When you ask Spirit a question, they will answer as they see fit so please keep an open mind about the guidance that you receive via this Divination. My guides are usually very direct and to the point and they have helped many through Shamanic Divination. This is a powerful method to receive answers and guidance from Spirit if you are not able to connect with Spirit yourself or are having trouble being subjective with Spirit Messages for yourself.

My guides will offer consult and guidance on next steps, framing a situation, and whatever messages Spirit knows you need to hear. This is an extraordinarily powerful method of receiving direct answers and guidance from Spirit in an accessible format. I act as a channel between Spirit and my clients, relaying this information so that healing and growth can occur. Whether it be reassurance, clarifying confusion, or giving you guidance on a new direction Shamanic Divination is a powerful way to connect with Spirit for Divine Guidance.

Price $60

All sessions are Remote Distance Healing

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