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Beatrice Kalimar, Shamanic Practitioner
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Hi, I'm Beatrice.


I am a Shamanic Practitioner in the Asheville area and avid lover of all things Spirit and Nature related. If something pertains to Spirit or Nature, chances are I'm probably very interested in it! You can find me binging out on Spirit spooky stories, communing with animals out in the Wild, and helping lost and hurt dark spirits evolve past darkness.

As a Shamanic Practitioner, I do energy work that clears unwanted patterns, curses, cords, earthbound spirits (ghosts), crystallized energies, negative soul contracts, and more from the Energy Field. I also work with clients to bring the good stuff in like Soul Retrieval, Power Animal Retrieval, 

Brain Retraining, Messages from Spirit, etc. My sessions are dynamic and each one is unique.


In my Shamanic Divination sessions, you get answers, guidance, and detailed advice from Spirit for those times when you need or want Spirit counsel. And a Crystallized Energy Removal Session is particularly useful when experiencing a lot of physical pain. 

If you have questions about the work I do or would like to inquire if I can help your specific situation, please feel free to email me. 

Learn more about the different kinds of Services I offer by checking out my Services page by clicking Read More below. 



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Shamanic Illumination

Shamanic Illumination sessions utilize a method where we clear the obstacles and unwanted patterns that are holding you back from living your best life. When these patterns and obstacles run deep, they need to be cleared in layers (like peeling an onion) and we can completely clear one layer in each session. We will work together to enable you to reprogram the beliefs that are holding you back.  

All sessions include Soul Retrieval and may include a variety of different healing techniques depending on each unique session.

Shamanic Crystallized Energy Removal

Crystallized Energy Removal sessions remove trauma in the energy field from past lives, parallel lives, and your current life time. This trauma can manifest as pain and unpleasant physical sensations as well as inhibit the flow of chi (energy) in your energy field and can even inhibit your connection to Spirit. This is very important work as it removes this trauma from our energy field forever. The older your soul is the more Crystallized Energies you will have in your Energy field. 


This session is designed for those looking to remove large amounts of Crystallized Energies from their Energy Field in one session. It can be focused on physical areas of the body, chakras (energy centers), or anywhere in the energetic field to promote healing, recovery, and the positive flow of healthy energy.


Shamanic Divination

Shamanic Divination comes in many shapes and forms, in this session I will Journey to my guides for your Shamanic Divination. This is an opportunity to ask Spirit anything you'd like about your life or anything that you need guidance on. My guides are very clear, thorough, and full of action steps and detailed advice. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with Spirit if you cannot do so yourself or doubt the guidance you are receiving. 

These sessions are specifically to ask questions to Spirit via my Guides. I will act as a Spirit Translator and relay this information to you without interpretation so that you receive a pure spirit message.



"I love my sessions with Beatrice. She brings me back feeling full of power and positivity every time.  It never fails. Her techniques are original, I've worked with many healers before and Beatrice is one I keep coming back to. She has that special connection to the energetic world, she is my go-to whenever I feel out of alignment or ready to release the heavy emotions. I always look forward to my monthly sessions knowing with certainty I will feel light and renewed ready for the days to come full of love and confidence. "

Natalie P.
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