Formal Spirit Work Experience

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all of Spirit Training that I have done but it covers what I think of as the most important highlights of my formal training. Not included are my Bachelor's Degree, Psychic Development Practice Circles, many workshops, intense practicums, and a long informal mentorship with a Shaman before starting my formal Shamanic Apprenticeships. It also does not include the long-term and detailed training that I have undergone on my own without teacher supervision through Spirit & my Guides teaching me, past life memory recovery of skills, personal training, and hands-on practice and experimentation with different techniques over the years. 

Soul Retrieval Intensive Healing Training

June 2021

Leontine Hartzell

Highly intensive six-part series on Soul Retrieval and Soul Integration Healing methods. Intense practicum covering Soul Loss Diagnosis, Soul Retrieval, Soul Stealing, Retrieving multiple soul parts, Integrative practitioner-led journeys for clients, Releasing stolen parts, Communing with newly returned soul parts, Ritual to end compulsive habits due to soul loss, Healing the ancestral line, and more. 

Shamanic Light Healer Apprenticeship 

October 2020-May 2021

Leontine Hartzell 

Shamanic Immersion: Merging, Channeling, and Power 

Healing with Spiritual Light

Healing with Ancestors: Learn from Ancestral Spirits & Heal your Ancestral Lineage 

Shamanic Deathwalking: Working with Departed Souls and the Dying 

Shamanic Dreamwork, Divination, & Manifesting Destiny: Ancient Skills for Modern Times 

Working with Nature Spirits: Learning to Live in Harmony with All of Life on Earth 

Shamanic Extraction, Healing, & Alignment: Removing Energy Blocks & Restoring Flow

Healing with the Elements: Partner with Earth, Air, Water, & Fire to Restore Balance & Health

Highly Intensive 8-month Shamanic Apprenticeship with full-day classes. Intensive all-day Journey work in Spirit Realms. Deepening Shamanic Connection with Helping Compassionate Spirits, Bringing Shamanism into all aspects of one's life, Healing Techniques for Client Work and Personal Healing, and overall deepening of Shamanic Connection and Shamanic Growth. 

Skills Included but not limited to: Journeying in Upper, Middle, and Lower Realms, Merging with Compassionate Helping Spirits, Channeling Messages in Journey, Healing with Spiritual Light, Retrieving a Healing in Journey, Healing with Ancestral Spirits, Working with the Dying, Crossing over lost souls in Journey, Shamanic Divination in Journey, Manifesting Destiny in Journey, Shamanic Dreamwork, Journeying with Nature Spirits etc. 

Shamanic Medicine Wheel Apprenticeship

July 2020-July 2021


Chris Krohn 

Highly Intensive One Year Shamanic Apprenticeship Training. Q'ero Shamanic Training in the Medicine Wheel Tradition. 9 Munay-Ki Shamanic Rites. Full Mesa Carrier Shamanic Practitioner Certification. Teachings directly from the Q'ero Shamans of Peru and Native American Tribes of North America. 16 full-day Intensive in-person training, monthly coaching and mentorship, and weekly practicums. Intensive Client Practcums in addition to weekly practicums. Intensive Client Training, Personal Healing, and Intensive Training for Shamanic Lifestyle. This course teaches how to become a Shaman in one's own personal life by adopting the Shamanic Lifestyle, how to become a highly-skilled Shamanic Practitioner for clients, and deeply intensive personal healing in order to better serve clients and be a responsible healed Shamanic Practitioner. Skills to continue deep personal healing on clients and oneself. 


Skills included but not limited to: Ayni Despacho, Kutti Despacho, Shamanic Illumination Sessions, Cord Cutting, Crystallized Energy Removal, Repairing Collapsed Chakras, Mythic Mapping (Brain Retraining), Clearing and Balancing Chakras, Healing Tears in the Energy Field, Remote Healing, In-person Healing, Ancestral Curse Removal, Curse Removal, Soul Retrieval, Power Animal Retrieval, Heavy Duty House Clearing-Carnation Cleanse, Earthbound Spirit Removal, Decoupling, Ancestral Healing, Assemblage Points, Fire Ceremony, 7777 Breathing etc. 

Working with Spirit Guides Class Series

June 2020

Bloom Post 

Multi-week class series on building a deeper connection with Spirit Guides. Going deeper with Spirit Guides, opening up new ways of connecting to guides, and building your power via familiarizing oneself with specific guides and their specialties. Increasing personal power through the introduction and familiarity with specific guides, their specialties, and building relationships. 

Heal your Inner Child 

April-July 2020

Lisa Campion

In-depth training, healing, and support on Inner Child & Inner Children Healing. In-depth training on the basics of Inner Child work, how to connect with one's own Inner Children, and how to heal Inner Children. Practicum working with Inner Children. In-depth discovery through personal healing of how to do Inner Children work with clients, how-to guide clients to do the work on their own, and the importance of Inner Child work. 

Psychic Protection Workshop

April 2020

Samantha Fey 

In-depth workshop on the ins and outs of Protection from the Psychic Perspective. Energetic Field Protection, Psychic Attack, Personal Protection, Home Protection, Office Protection, Protection Routines, Cord Cutting, Vehicle Protection, and Protection during Energy Work. Methods to protect and thrive given a vast variety of different scenarios, aggressors, and environments for not just protection, but personal power, and evolution past fear and defense into true strong powerful precautionary protection.

Empath Empowerment Workshop

April 2020

Bloom Post 

Psychologically informed in-depth teaching and information on the connection between Empaths & Narcissists. How narcissists become narcissists, how empaths become empaths, and how the two function together. In-depth information on Narcissists, how to identify them, and how to interact with them. 

Akashic Records Workshop

March 2020

Bloom Post

Workshop on accessing the Akashic Records via Shamanic Journeying. Learning to work with the Akashic Records to access specific lifetimes and work with the Hall of Records. Working with your Akashic Records Guides to access records and work with the records.

Mastering your Psychic Ability 

February -July 2020

Lisa Campion

Highly Intensive Long Term Psychic Development Course. Overview and exploration of many different kinds of Psychic Work & Spirit Work. Weekly course instruction, mentorship, and practice. Deep dive into Psychic Development, Expertise, and Practice. 

Advanced Psychic Self Defense 

January 2020

Lisa Campion

Advanced Psychic Self Defense for Practitioners. Multi-week Intensive on the Advanced techniques of Psychic Self Defense. Deeper in-depth training on lower astral entities, helping clients deal with entities, entity banishing etc. 

Beginner's Psychic Self Defense 

Nov-Dec 2019

Lisa Campion

In-depth multi-week Intensive on Psychic Self Defense and Protection. In-depth training on lower astral entities; types, descriptions, modus operandi, and unique defensive techniques for individual types of entities. 

Advanced Mediumship

October 2019

Samantha Fey & Denise Correll

Advanced Mediumship Multi-week Intensive. Animal Communication, Group Readings, Private Mediumship Readings with Client Validation & Confirmation. Mediumship with validated dates & photos. Deep dive into Ethics, Bereavement, Group Mediumship (Seances), Private Readings etc. 

Mediumship 101

June 2019

Samantha Fey & Denise Correll

Mediumship Multi-week Intensive introduction to all different types of Mediumship. Intensive Practicum, Mediumship Ethics, Private Mediumship Readings with Client Validation & Confirmation, Group Mediumship.

Reiki 1&2

June 2019    

Jenny Wright 

In-depth training on Reiki 1&2, attunements, and ethics. Training on the history of Reiki and Reiki Teacher Lineage lines. 

Reiki Master Attunement June 2020 (received twice)

Be Your Own Psychic

May 2019

Samantha Fey 

Formal multi-week class in Psychic Training. Intensive Psychic Practice and Development. In-depth training on the ins and outs of readings, psychic work, how psychic connection functions, and ethics of Psychic work. Intensive Practicum.

The Business of Being Spiritual

March 2019

Samantha Fey & Denise Correll

Formal workshop for spiritual entrepreneurs on ethics and logistics of running a Spiritual Business. Mentoring advice on specific situations unique to each individual. Very strong foundational work on the ethical dos and do nots of spirit work and being an ethical healer. How to protect one's own energy/time when doing spirit work so one can always present best self and connection to spirit for clients while staying energetically whole and balanced.