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I'm Beatrice. 

I am a formally trained Shamanic Practitioner and Psychic. I started out my training in Psychic Work and Mediumship before training Shamanically. I am a lifelong learner and I am always continuing my training and bringing new skills to my clients. 


I live in Western North Carolina with a menagerie of adorable animals and my whole life revolves around Spirit and Spirit work. When I'm not doing Spirit work, you can find me out in nature soaking up the sun or pursuing creative endeavors. And of course, spending downtime relaxing too!

If you're interested in the world of Spirit Work but feeling intimidated and like the sector is inaccessible, I can totally relate! I felt that way at first too and I am happy to help introduce you to the beautiful world of Spirit Work. You may be interested to take your healing deeper, to test out if you're meant to do Spirit Work yourself, or something in-between. Either way, I can help! I aim to make Spirit Work and the world that revolves around it more accessible. If you're open to recommendations and referrals, I'm happy to give them and I have a lot of resources to draw from. Spirit Work is a big and beautiful vast arena, and there are so many different ways to explore it. My guides and I can help guide you in the right direction and get you started on the path. 

I strongly believe that to be a responsible Spirit Worker you need to take your work very seriously. This means doing serious healing work and serious training before working with clients and continuing to do so throughout your career. It also means receiving healing from a vast array of Spirit Workers so you know the good and the bad of what being a client in a Spirit Work session is like. I've been a client myself to many different Spirit Workers and many of those experiences were highly unpleasant. But each of those negative experiences has informed the way I do my work.  I am very careful about the manner in which I approach healing sessions because I know just how terrible and traumatizing it can be to receive a "bad" session with a Spirit Worker. 


My goal is always to create an incredibly safe space where clients can be their authentic selves and come as they are. I don't believe judgment, shame, or negativity belong in sessions. Instead, I foster an environment where everything can be seen through the eyes of Spirit. This means that everything is seen with divine understanding, acceptance, and love. If there is something you'd like to work on or Spirit would like you to work on, we will always discuss this in a positive, uplifting, and motivating way that has you excited to make positive changes and grow. I truly believe that this gentle and positive way of approaching sessions and changes in my clients' lives sets them up for true success. 

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