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Beatrice Kalimar

Akashic Records Soul Reader & Healer


Hi, I'm Beatrice.


I'm an Akashic Records Soul Reader and Healer. I also call myself a Spirit Worker because I'm a mixed modality practitioner and have experience in different spiritual modalities. My goal is to help empower my clients to fulfill their soul purpose, live their best life while doing it, and deepen their spiritual path. 

I offer Akashic Records Soul Readings and Healings to clients so they can communicate with their own souls. The experience is immensely empowering and allows clients to ask the deep questions they've always wanted to know. I've personally experienced how beautifully your life can change when you start to communicate with your Soul so I love being able to offer that opportunity to my clients. Everyone has a perfect soul and the more we align with our Soul and its energy, the more we come into that perfection and grow and shine our light in our Earthly Incarnation. I don't mean perfection in the way we think of perfectionism on Earth, I mean perfection as in your essence of perfection in your true spiritual essence. Your soul self's perfection. It's not a goal you achieve to reach, it's an energy you align more and more with as you work with your perfect soul and it's a beautiful energy to be in. I absolutely love what I do and am so grateful that I get to do this work. You can check out my testimonials to see how my clients have felt about their readings. 


I'm located in the Asheville, North Carolina area but because I work remotely on Zoom I am blessed to work with clients from all over.


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Akashic Records Soul Readings & Healings

Akashic Records Soul Readings are a dialogue with your soul. It's an opportunity to ask your Soul the questions you've always yearned to know. The experience of being in your Soul's records is healing in and of itself and we can also do intentional energy work and energy healing within your records to meet your individual needs and desires at the time. This is an excellent opportunity to ask big questions like, What is my Soul Purpose? What are my Soul's gifts, strengths, and talents? How does my career path fit into my Soul Purpose? 



This was my first time having an Akashic Reading.  All I can say is wow! I didn’t have a clear understanding of what it was about in the beginning but after we were done I was left in complete awe.  Beatrice opened my Akashic Records and went to work answering and giving clarification to the many questions I had.  She was completely on point.  I look forward to working with Beatrice again in the future.

Kim S, Atlanta, GA